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  1. Christopher Burke

    In the aftermath of the Scottish Referendum, David Cameron said he wanted to deal with the anomalies of the Mid Lothian question. In sorting out the matter of English votes for English issues for English issues, may I respectfully suggest he sorts out the English issue of the English Standard Time Zone.

  2. Christopher Burke

    Please con somebody explain why, given there is a case for plunging the country into darkness tomorrow evening, the dates chosen for this nonesenses is the last Sunday in October? I am aware that due to the eliptical nature of the earth’s orbit, the hours of darkness are not symetrical around the solstice. In spite of this the current change dates of end of October, end of March are a gross distortion of this asymetry. Whereas, I can just about accept the case for having light mornings from about 0700 from with effect from tomorrow, what will really irritate me will next March when it is broad daylight and I am still in bed.

  3. jeremy kite

    We’ve got to make this appealing to all sorts of business too so the economic benefits are blatantly obvious. Its not good enough just getting support from sports and recreation people.

  4. Kevin

    The benefits are huge, varied, and generally undisputed.

    We need a proper lobbying campaign. Lighter Later did a great job and came close 2 years ago, and it may have succeeded if not for the ridiculous Private Members Bill system where a few individuals ‘talked out’ the bill so it would not progress.

    146 MP’s in Favour, 10 MP’s responsible for ‘talking it out’

    MP’s in favour:
    Adam Afriyie, Adrian Sanders, Alan Haselhurst, Alan Whitehead, Albert Owen, Alison Seabeck, Alun Michael, Andrew Jones, Andrew Smith, Andy Slaughter, Angie Bray, Annette Brooke, Barry Sheerman, Ben Bradshaw, Ben Gummer, Bob Stewart, Caroline Lucas, Caroline Nokes, Charlie Elphicke, Charlotte Leslie, Chris Bryant, Chris Huhne, Chris Kelly. Chris Leslie, Chris White, Claire Perry. Clive Betts, Clive Efford, Damian Collins, Dan Jarvis, David Davis, David Gauke, David Heath, David Heyes, David Lidington, David Morris, David Rutley, David Tredinnick, Don Foster, Edward Davey, Fiona Bruce, Frank Field, Gavin Barwell, George Hollingbery, Gerald Howarth, Gerald Kaufman, Glenda Jackson, Graham Allen, Greg Hands, Greg Knight, Gregory Barker, Heather Wheeler, Heidi Alexander, Hugh Bayley, Ian Murray, Jack Lopresti, Jane Ellison, Jeremy Corbyn, Jessica Lee, Jim Dowd, Jim Fitzpatrick, Jim Paice, Joan Ruddock, Joan Walley, John Cryer, John Glen, John Leech, John McDonnell, John Penrose, John Randall, John Whittingdale, Jon Cruddas, Julian Huppert, Julian Smith, Julie Hilling, Justine Greening, Karen Bradley, Karen Buck, Kerry McCarthy, Kwasi Kwarteng, Laura Sandys, Margaret Hodge, Mark Field, Mark Harper, Mark Lazarowicz, Mark Pawsey, Mark Tami, Martin Vickers, Mary Macleod, Matthew Hancock, Meg Munn, Michael Fabricant, Mike Gapes, Mike Penning, Mike Weatherley, Nick Gibb, Nick Herbert, Nick de Bois, Oliver Colvile, Oliver Heald, Paul Blomfield, Penny Mordaunt, Peter Aldous, Peter Bottomley, Peter Luff, Philip Hollobone, Phillip Lee, Richard Ottaway, Robert Buckland, Robert Halfon, Robert Neill, Robert Syms, Roberta Blackman-Woods, Roger Gale, Roger Godsiff, Sarah Newton, Seema Malhotra, Shailesh Vara, Simon Burns, Simon Hughes, Simon Kirby, Stephen Hammond, Stephen Lloyd, Stephen Metcalfe, Stephen O’Brien, Stephen Phillips, Stephen Pound, Steve Brine, Steve Webb, Stuart Bell, Tessa Jowell, Tessa Munt, Theresa Villiers, Therese Coffey, Thomas Docherty, Tim Yeo, Tobias Ellwood, Tom Brake, Tom Greatrex, Tom Harris, Valerie Vaz, Zac Goldsmith.

    MP’s against:
    Christopher Chope, Philip Davies, Jacob Rees Mogg, Angus Brendan MacNeil, Steve Baker, Peter Bone, Stewart Hosie, Iain Stewart, Dr Elidh Whiteford, David Nuttal, Iain Stewart, Matthew Offord

    Call that democracy ???

  5. John Heaser

    Losses of toads during the spring migration would be much reduced by bringing the evening rush hour forward as traffic would be diminished by the time the toads cross the roads at dusk. Many hundreds of thousands of toads could be saved by this and it would make a big difference to the survival of toads (and toad patrolers!) in some areas.

  6. Brian Roberts

    I am 83 years of age and I remember how successful double British Summer time was during the second world war. Of course, then it was done mainly to save energy, but as a child the extra light was what mattered. As far as the energy saving is concerned I feel that with the government worried about energy supply, why no party seems to see the benefit of what Dr Mayer Hillman shows conclusively in his analysis of the 1968-1971 experiment would be a minimum of one percent saving in energy. Having been hoping since 1947 to get this change I thought with all the work Mrs Harris put into her private member’s bill that it was going to happen only to be defeated by the arcane rules of private members bills in the House of Commons when Mr Christopher Chope could defeat the bill more or less on his own despite the evidence of massive support for the bill. I wrote to Mrs Harris to express my thanks for all her efforts so it is wonderful to see the subject coming up again. Perhaps it will be taken up by whoever forms the next government so that with government time devoted to it, it would certainly succeed because there is enormous support for the change

  7. Larry A. Pearson

    I am 63 years of age now, and have always hoped that during my lifetime that I would see a fairer electoral system; the UK fully adopting the metrication system; and to move to Central European Time. As you know none of these things has happened, despite politicians briefly debating them. So my best wishes with the Campaign and hopefully you will be the first to make at least one of my wishes come true. We know the benefits of CET but the politicians seem not to!

  8. Chris Ward

    Why just London? Most people don’t live in London!

  9. Richard Foote

    Having worked in Europe on and off for the last 20 years I fully understand the benefits of the extra hour. Eating out of a summer evening whilst still in day light in a restaurant that is cheap because many people use them. Spending more time with your family, many little things that go up to improve our daily life.

  10. Barry

    The benefit of adding an hour of daylight in the evening in winter is not in question, especially amongst the readers of this and similar sites. However, I have never been able to see the reason why the clocks should change at all. During summer there is plenty of daylight, so adding or subtracting an hour makes no practical difference. Therefore it would seem sensible to me to not change the clocks at all, but simply stick to BST all year round.
    Take a situation where changing the clocks had not been thought of, yet somebody actually suggested it, say to allow the children in northern regions to go to school in daylight. This person would undoubtedly be laughed out of town. Imagine the disruption to public services and private businesses it would cause!

    To summarise:

    Keep BST all year round

    Do not change the clocks

    • Christopher Burke

      One obvious problem with using BST all year would be persuading the Europeans. It is true we in the UK have daylight in abundance, even at 52N in summer. Not so those who live much further south.
      I recall sometime during the early 90s living in New South Wales. The Australian states are responsible for their own time zones and normally South Australia (SA) is half an hour behind New South Wales (NSW) Bizarrely for one month, the change of time dates were not synchronised having the effect of setting ones watch half an hour forward travelling east to west!!! 🙂

  11. paul booton

    “single double summer time” – not the snappiest title – can you explain what this barbarism is meant to mean? (That said i 100% support the principle behind it)

  12. Malcolm Cooke

    Now we have given more powers to the Scots lets stand up for everyone in England and Wales and not move the clocks at all. We need to be heard.

  13. Julian Floyd

    One hour can make a huge difference to the lives of people in the UK.

    Outdoor Activities (whether it be sport, walking, gardening whatever) can played after school / work all winter and later at the weekend.

    15% of the population are in bed between 8am and 9am but 99% are awake between 4pm and 5pm so it will give people lots more time daylight.

    Outdoor Tourist attractions that are empty at 9am will be open until 5pm giving 1hr extra for business and people to enjoy.

    Older people do not like being out on dark evenings and this gives them an extra hour out and about.

    ROSPA say accidents are more prevalent in evenings than mornings and an extra hour of light would says many lives per year. Saving lives on it own and not having devastated families is reason enough on its own.

    and finally, the old practices of farming early on winters mornings has changed (most indoor winter farmed now), post is delivered throughout the day, milk to your door is almost gone….. and so on.

    I support this campaign and would like to see change so that we all benefit from the extra hour in the evenings…. Good luck

    • happyhour

      Thanks Julian! We agree the social benefits are huge.

    • Sel

      even better would be GMT+2 throghout the year – we need light in evenings not in the mornings!

    • Georgina Land

      I love this idea, its insanely great .. I work within a lot of sports industries where the clock change affects peoples accessibility and inturn self esteem. I have a small site in Brighton which will try to integrate this somehow .. thank you for this opportunity happy hour.


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