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‘Be Free – Be a Leader’ Programme Community Project

Community Works – Crowd Funding Opportunity

We are asking people and organisations to crowd fund a community project to deliver our Be Free – Be a Leader programme to a group of disadvantaged young adults in North London. We will be working in partnership with Islington Best (Business & Employment Support Team) to meet interview and select 10 young adults who have ambitions and are capable of completing this tough training programme over 7 months to realize careers, businesses or sports ambitions.

If you would like to support us please make a donation below or contact us directly for further information.

About Freedom Works UK Freedom Works UK is a self-esteem and confidence support, training & coaching provider, founded by Ken Hettiarachi and Chris Hayes.

Our vision is that all people on the planet are free, in charge of their life, and providing leadership to others and their communities; they are free to be both the ‘master of their fate and the captain of their soul’ (Invictus, William Ernest Henley).

Our mission is to transform lives and develop leaders. Ken and Chris have both overcome their own personal challenges in life and are passionate about supporting others to do the same. Since we founded Freedom Works UK, over 300 people have attended our workshops and have trained themselves to be free of their issues and fulfill on the things that are most important to them including: changing careers; starting and growing projects and businesses; changing direction; creating new jobs, and getting into relationships. We now want to make our Be Free – Be a Leader Programme – a seven month leadership training programme – available to young adults in disadvantaged communities who are held back by a lack of confidence and self-esteem.

What we need We are asking people and organisations to donate towards a funding package of £8,500, which will deliver a Be Free – Be a Leader programme to 10 disadvantaged young adults in North London, United Kingdom over 7 months. This funding package will deliver the totality of the programme compromising 78 hours of direct classroom/workshop training and over 27 hours of telephone and other pre-arrange support sessions.

Impact The participants will realise three core outcomes in leadership:

  • Leadership of self – the participants will train themselves to go beyond their anxieties, lack of self-esteem, depression, fear, loneliness/isolation and be successful in their chosen areas;
  • Leadership to a group/community – the participants will accomplish a personal project which benefits a community in their lives;
  • Leadership to others through coaching and mentoring – participants will use the programme to generate powerful practical results for themselves and use that experience to lead a coaching session to an invited audience on their final graduation workday.

By the end of the programme, the participants will have achieved pre-agreed KPI (key performance indicator) results that are most important to them (e.g. a new job), as well as for their wider community.

Benefits In return for funding this project you will:

  • Be included in the list of acknowledgements for the delivery of the programme and gain publicity for your organisation.
  • Receive ongoing updates
  • Receive an invitation to the young people’s final graduation coaching session and award ceremony.

How can you help?By donating directly:

As well as direct funding, we are also interested to hear from people who would like to partner with us to deliver our programmes to a wider audience by joint crowd funding.

For more information please contact: Chris Hayes: 020 8399 1174 | 07736 042753 | Ken Hettiarachi: 020 7700 0752 | 07736 392100 |

Freedom Works UK Social Enterprises Ltd is a self esteem and confidence support, training & coaching provider for people in business, key employees or students of higher education.

Freedom Works UK is driving the Happy Hour UK campaign as part of its broader work to transform lives.